Roadhawk Cycle

The Problem

problem Lack of credible witnesses

problem Conflicting statements of events

problem Cyclists are particularly vulnerable at junctions

problem Perception that cyclists are reckless road users

problem A cyclist may not remember vital information from the scene of a collision

RoadHawk Solution

The RoadHawk Cycle R+

solution Continually monitors the road in front of the rider

solution 1080p high definition video

solution Provides vital time/date stamped evidence of what actually happened

solution Allows claims to be settled more effectively and efficiently

solution Eligible for use in court to exonerate a rider of any blame

solution 135 field-of-view, offering wide angle, distortion free video

solution Simple to view and send video files

solution No subscription or on-going costs and zero maintenance once fitted

solution Full 2 year warranty and UK based Customer Support

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RoadHawk Ride R+ Cycle Edition
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levenes cycle insurance cameras

‘We deal with cases all the time where drivers don’t stop or blame the cyclist because “they’re just a cyclist.” Headcam video evidence from a cyclist’s RoadHawk Ride can be an invaluable tool in proving who is at fault, winning a case and saving many a cyclist from hefty medical and legal bills following an incident’.

­Levenes Cycle Injury Solicitors